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Brrr . . . Bring on the Pocket Furnaces!

OK - Richmond - is it cold enough for you? So a week ago I viewed these Pocket Furnaces I whipped up as more cute than utilitarian, but after the last few days, I've totally changed my tune. If you're not familiar with the concept, a Pocket Furnace (at least my version) is a pocket-sized pouch that you zap in the microwave for about a minute then put in your coat pocket. It stays warm - and in turn - keeps you warm for about an hour. It's basically like those butt-warmers that come with your car - but totally portable.

I used rice as my heating element - making it reusable and very environ-friendly - but there are an array of products with similar results out there. Many are one shot deals and are made of plastic and chemicals though - ick! Knowing that rice is the worst thing my three year old will get in his mouth when he attempts to eat them gives me major comfort!

So here is the cool part. Should you really want some Pocket Furnaces for your very own, you can pick some up at my fabulous friend Steph's new gallery Kiefer Clayworks. I made a ton for stocking stuffers and also to give to those folks you just want to say "hey, thanks" to - like the mailman, neighbor, sitter, etc. Tell her that you heard about it here and get %20 off!

And even ifyou're totally not wanting a Pocket Furnace, you should still try to make it to Kiefer Clayworks Open House on the 11th and 12th from 11am to 6pm. In addition to her own work, a number of Richmond artists (such as Joan Holland - aka my Mom) will have their wares on display for the Holiday season.

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