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The Scary Hall Closet

The Scary Hall Closet - we've all had one, right? My closet had actually gotten to the point where clutter had totally overrun the entryway and hall tree. With the Holidays (and hence, visitors) rapidly approaching, I decided to put away the craft pursuits for a day and take on this project. 
My entryway before - yikes. That's a hall tree hiding behind all the, err, stuff. It's intended use was for TEMPORARILY hanging items.

The best first step in any organizational project - get everything out and do a quick cleanup!

Our closet is only 3 feet wide and is located under a stairwell. As a result, the back wall juts out about midway up leaving me with only 5ft of vertical wall space. Translation - I'm totally jipped spacewise. The shelf was originally anchored as high up as possible, but because of the slant, it was impossible to put any storage bins on top of the shelf.
I chose to lower the shelf about 12 inches so I could place three storage bins on top. This means that my husbands lone, full length coat that he wears to the xmas party each year will have to move to the guest BDRM, but we can live with that! Yes, the bins are blah, so I'll probably end up appliqueing a scarf, hat, and mitten to each one. You know, in all my spare time.

I didn't want anything loose in the closet so I put two storage bins in the bottom. One for lone shoes and one for stuff to be returned, etc.

Again, keeping with getting everything up and off the floor, I hung peg racks up as high as possible - one on the left for diaper bags . . .

. . . and one on the right for my purses and camera, which always seems to be upstairs when I need it, you  know?

Finally, I added a shoe bag on the door. I agree, chic it is not, but I love having a space for all the little stuff one has in the hallway. Especially little kid things! The plan is to teach the little ones to put their hats and mittens away by themselves.

Ta-Da! The hall tree is visible and the entry navigable!


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