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In a Pinch Pocket Tutorial

I'm in a gift making frenzy!

I made this media pocket for my Droid, which measures about 2.5" x 5", but figured it would be great for any of the other phones on the market as well. But . . . . after whipping it together and test driving it for a day, I can't say I was a huge fan. As lame as it sounds, I just couldn't be bothered with getting it in and out and in and out of the pocket whenever I needed to use it - which is all the time.

I do, however, think this would make a great pocket for a camera, or any other media device that could use a little extra padding but you don't use every waking moment. The dimensions could also be adjusted to make a super-easy laptop, iPad, or Kindle cover.

I'm determined to come up with something for the Droid, but that will have to wait until after the Holidays, stay tuned . . .


  • Primary fabric for outside of pocket
  • Coordinating fabric for lining and strap
  • Fusible batting
  • Coordinating thread
  • Turning tool

Cut your stuff! You'll need the following cuts:
  • Primary fabric: (1) 5x17 strip
  • Coordinating fabric: (1) 5x17 strip and (2) 2x6 strips
  • Fusible Batting: (1) 5x17 strip and (1) 2x6 strips

Admire your cutting skills then, using the manufacturers directions, attach the 5x17 fusible batting strip (I used Fusi-Boo) to the 5x17 lining piece. Put it aside for now.

Make the Strap! Again using the manufacturers directions, attach the 2x6 fusible batting strip to the back of one of the 2x6 lining pieces. Next, take the other 2x6 lining strip and put it RS together with the 2x6 piece to which you just attached the batting. Pin it all together.

So to recap, it's like this:
  1. Bottom = fusible batting
  2. Middle = lining strip #1 RS up (attached to fusible batting)
  3. Top = lining strip #2 RS down (so lining strips will be RS together)
Got it? Cool!

Pin and sew together, leaving an opening to turn. Turn it out, clip corners and press. Topstitch around the entire strap. The cool thing is that you don't have to worry about the raw edge you left open for turning because it will be hidden in the next step.

OK - you're halfway through! Get out the 5x17 lining piece you attached the batting to earlier. Orient the strip vertically - so 5" across and 17" down - RS up. Position the strap you just made 8 inches down from the top of the lining piece. Pin and sew in place. Don't forget to backstitch.

After the strap is attached, place the piece batting side down on your table. Get out the 5x17 primary fabric piece and put it RS down on top of the lining piece. The lining and primary pieces will be RS together. The strap will be in between the two. You now have your sandwich. Pin in place.

Like you did with the strap, sew the sandwich together, leaving an opening to turn on the bottom short end as it will be hidden. Turn it out, clip corners and press. Topstitch close the opening you left for turning.

Ta-Da! So this is the fun part. Pull the bottom of the rectangle up through the strap. Put your media device in the pocket and adjust the pocket height to your liking.

Remove media, pin pocket in place, and topstitch around the whole enchilada. I had to switch to a more heavy duty needle at this point - just saying . . .

Pull the top flap down through the strap to close and you're done!

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