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Wellness Gift Bags 3

Generally speaking, when tasked with making a number of the same items, I follow the directions on the first one then improvise a bit more with each take. Let's face it  - you have way more fun this way and who doesn't love a challenge? Going into bag number three of six and I've thrown all caution to the wind.

 This is about mid-way through the creation of the smaller pouch. I pieced together three 2" x 12" patterned strips and three 3" x 12" linen pieces. Why those sizes? Just because that was what I happened to have on hand. After piecing, I cut them into six strips and arranged in a random order.
I then pieced those six strips together.
At this point I realized the size was too big for one bag and too small for two. See - this is where it gets fun. To remedy, I grabbed two red strips that were hanging around and tacked one onto each end.

Tada! I now have a square big enough to make two bags!
 This is the view from the back.
 Press top and bottom edges down 1/4" then 1".
 Sew on hook and loop velcro.
Stitch around the sides and across the top. And here is my smaller bag!

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